Plants and trees have been revered by Hindus as an issue of appreciation · Here are top plants which are viewed as the most sacrosanct in India…

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  • Buy Variegated Thuja, Thuja occidentalis 'Sherwood Frost' Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Variegated Thuja, Thuja occidentalis ‘Sherwood Frost’

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  • 22% OFF Buy Musa acuminata 'Siam Ruby' | Red Banana Tree Online at Nursery Nisarga Bhopal

    Musa acuminata ‘Siam Ruby’ | Red Banana Tree

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  • 52% OFF Affordable pack of 6 "Jungle Tree" available at Nursery Nisarga Bhopal

    Affordable pack of 6 “Jungle Tree”

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  • Buy Paras Peepal (Thespesia populnea) online at Nursery Nisarga

    Bonsai Paras Peepal (Thespesia populnea)

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  • 11% OFF Maha Vilvam Bel Patra, Aegle Marmelos- Plant (Seven Leaf)

    Maha Vilvam Bel Patra (Aegle Marmelos)- Plant

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  • 21% OFF Buy Terminalia bellirica Tree (Baheda) Online

    Terminalia Bellirica Tree (Baheda)

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  • 15% OFF Buy Kaner, Nerium Oleander (Cream Yellow) Online

    Kaner, Nerium Oleander (Light Yellow)

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  • Buy Malvaviscus Hibiscus | Sleeping, Chilli Hibiscus Plant online

    Malvaviscus Hibiscus | Sleeping Chilli Hibiscus Plant

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  • 25% OFF Buy Passiflora Blue Flower plant, Krishna Kamal - Nursery Nisarga

    Set of 2 Passiflora Incarnata, Krishnakamal Plant

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  • 30% OFF Buy Brahma Kamal, Epiphyllum Oxypetalum, Saussurea Obvallata Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Brahma Kamal – Epiphyllum oxypetalum – Plant (Purple)

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  • 28% OFF Stevia "Sweet Tulsi" - Plant Tulsi- Nursery Nisarga

    Stevia “Sweet Tulsi” – Plant

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  • 37% OFF Buy Shyama tulsi plant - Nursery Nisarga

    Shyama Tulsi | Ocimum tenuiflorum – Plants

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