A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices, namely for decorative purposes, but studies have also shown them to have positive psychological effects and as well as help with indoor air purification, since some species, and the soil-dwelling microbes associated with them, reduce indoor air pollution by absorbing volatile organic compounds including benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

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  • Buy variegated Hoya carnosa plant at Nursery Nisarga

    Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen, Variegated Hoya creeper

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  • Exotic peace lily variegated "spathiphyullum" - plant online at Nursery nisarga

    Variegated Peace Lily, “Spathiphyllum” – Plant

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  • Buy Aglaonema Thailand Red Plant Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Aglaonema Thailand Red- Plant

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  • Buy Miniature Philodendron Selloum-Plant Online-Nursery Nisarga

    Miniature Philodendron Selloum-Plant

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  • Buy Guzmania Bromeliad Plant Online-Nursery Nisarga

    Guzmania Bromeliad Plant

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  • Buy Aglaonema super white plant Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Aglaonema Super White Plant

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  • 13% OFF Silver flame snake plant, sansevieria whitney

    Sansevieria Whitney, Silver Flame Snake Plant

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  • Buy Dracaena Dara Singh Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Dracaena Dara Singh, Happy Corn plant

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  • 8% OFF Buy Golden Brassia Plant Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Golden Brassia Plant, Schefflera Actinophylla, Brassia Rex

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  • 20% OFF Buy Philodendron Brasil Pothos With Hanging Pot Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Philodendron Brasil Pothos With Hanging Pot

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  • Buy Maple Ivy Plant - Variegated Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Maple Ivy Plant – Variegated

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  • Buy Variegated Snow Bush "Breynia Nivosa" Online at Nursery Nisarga

    Variegated Snow Bush “Breynia Nivosa”

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