ZZ Plant, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant, Zamia palm


The ZZ Plant is one of the most low-maintenance plants you can find. In addition, it can add a tropical feel to your space. Some of the plants produce flowers.

  • The plant is about with a pot approximately 1 feet and the pot size is 4 & 6 inches.
  • The plant can grow around the year.
  • The plant is useful for air filtration, home decor, garden decor, and gift purposes.
  • It’s a Non-Flowering plant and removes toxins from the air.
  • Plants can survive indoor and semi-shade conditions.

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4 inch
6 Inches


ZZ Plant, Zamia Palm

The ZZ Plant is characterized by its thick waxy green leaves. It is a great air purifying option that can tolerate low light, making it a perfect plant for beginners.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, affectionately called the ZZ plant or Zanzibar Gem, is a tropical plant in the aroid family, Araceae. It is native to Zanzibar, Kenya, and Eastern Africa. You might spot large potato-like rhizomes under the surface of its potting mix. Having evolved in drier conditions than most other aroids, these plants have evolved rhizomes that store water to help the ZZ plant survive drought in its natural environment. The rhizomes are actually underground stems, and what you see above ground are the stems’ leaves. Using these underground rhizomes, the plant slowly creeps over time to new locations, spawning new aboveground leaves along the way.

Plant Care

Sun icon

Medium to low indirect light

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Water every 2–3 weeks

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Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions24 × 13 × 11 cm
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4 inch, 6 Inches


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