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Rhoeo Plant, Rhoeo Discolor (Tricolor, Variegated) Plant


  •  Live plant along with Plastic pot.
  •  Plants’ height with pot is 8 to 12 inches and pot size is 4” in diameter.
  •  Plants nature is outdoor & love full sun.
  •  Required alternate day watering.
  •  Easy to grow & hardy plant.

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Rhoeo Plant

Rhoeo plant is a very attractive & colorful plant, it’s very useful for the garden, The plant proved to be the excellent ground cover and a perfect hanging basket plant Rhoeo to discolor plant is the synonym of Tradescantia spathacea. Moses in the Cradle is a rather succulent herb with a dense cluster of sturdy sword-shaped leaves arising from a trunklike stem.

The small white three-petaled flowers are hidden in boat-shaped purple bracts nestled in the leaf axils. Probably, the boat-shaped bracts with a small white flower in the middle look like an eye.

The tricolored white, pink, and green foliage of the Rhoeo ‘Tricolor’ (Tradescantia spathacea, or sometimes sold as Rhoeo spathacea) also known as Moses-in-the-Cradle, Moses-in-the-Boat, and oyster plant, is a bright addition to gardens in USDA plant hardiness zones 9b through 12. Native to southern Mexico and Central America, this evergreen perennial thrives outdoors as a border plant, as ground cover, or as a hanging plant.

Planting & Care

  • Water the tricolor rhoeo once per week. Water slowly and deeply down through the roots.
  • In the first growing season, it is especially important to maintain a consistent watering schedule to ensure a strong, healthy root system.
  • Proper drainage facilities should be provided to the plant otherwise the roots rot.
  • It needs well-drained soil rich in organic matter.
  • It grows best in full-to-partial sunlight, though it also flourishes under bright interior lights.

Plant Care Tips

  • Sunlight: Full sun to part shade.
  • Watering: Alternet days.
  • Soil: Well-drained soil.
  • Temperature: 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C.
  • Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer.

Plant in the Garden

Rhoeo ‘Tricolor’ prefers full or partial sun in a moist, well-drained location. Provide afternoon shade or dappled shade in very hot climates. If the soil is sandy or heavy clay, dig in 3 to 4 inches of compost and well-decomposed manure to a depth of 8 to 12 inches. The plants have a spread of 12 to 16 inches; space them at least 16 inches apart.

Propagating the Rhoeo ‘Tricolor’

While you can grow new plants from seeds, it’s easier to use stem cuttings or divisions. Use a sterilized knife or scissors to cut the stem. Dip the cut end in the rooting compound and insert it into moist compost or sand in a paper cup or small flowerpot. Pat the mixture around the base of the cutting; then water thoroughly. Cover the container with plastic wrap or a plastic bag held above the cutting by bamboo stakes. Place in a brightly lit, warm location until new growth appears. Transplant into a flowerpot or outdoors.

When repotting or dividing the plants, simply remove the “babies” or plantlets around the perimeter of the parent plant. Each plantlet should have its own roots. Transplant into a small flowerpot or into the garden.

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