Asparagus Plumosus fern | Asparagus Setaceus – Plant


  • Live plant along with the plastic pot.
  • Plant height will be 8-12 inches in 4 inches pot.
  • Plant height will be 12-18 inches in 6 inches pot.
  • Plant height will be 18-24 inches Bushy in 8 inches pot
  • Plants’ nature is partially shaded.
  • Required watering twice a week.
  • Air Purifier plant.
  • Evergreen plant with the climbing feature.
  • Assured Safe Delivery With Easy Replacement.


Asparagus Plumosus fern “Setaceus” – Plant

The Asparagus Setaceus, often known as the Asparagus Plumosus Fern, is a lovely addition to your garden. This beautiful South African plant has fluffy, emerald-green foliage that emits a distinct beauty. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced plant enthusiast, the Asparagus Setaceus thrives as an indoor and outdoor joy, adapting easily to a variety of conditions. Because of its trailing growth habit, it is an excellent choice for hanging baskets or artistic containers.

This plant’s true strength is its adaptability. It is not a real fern, but rather a member of the asparagus family. Its elegant design and ease of care make it an excellent choice for bringing a touch of refinement to any space. Add the fascinating Asparagus Setaceus to your living area and enjoy the beauty it adds to your botanical collection.

Caring Tips:-

Light Requirements: Place your Asparagus Setaceus in indirect, bright light. It can handle some low light, but it should not be placed in deep shade.

Watering: Maintain a regularly wet but not waterlogged soil. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry, and water less in the winter.

Humidity: Maintain a moderate degree of humidity, especially if growing it indoors. To increase humidity, mist the plant or set a tray of water nearby.

Soil: To improve drainage, use a well-draining potting mix with perlite or sand added.

Fertilization: During the growing season (spring and summer), fertilize with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks.

Pruning: Trim yellow or brown stems on a regular basis to promote new growth. Maintain a full appearance by pruning back leggy growth.

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