Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Neel Mohar


  • Live plant along with plastic pot.
  • Height 12-18 inches, in 6-inch pot.
  • Height 24-36 inches, in 8-inch pot.
  • Height 36-48 inches, trunk 2-4 cm thick, in 12-inch pot.
  • Height 56-68 inches, trunk 2-4 cm thick, in XXl-12 inches pot.
  • Plants nature is outdoor grows like tree, less watering.
  • Best avenue tree, low maintenance, fast-growing.


Neel mohar is a majestic tree with delicate fern-like foliage that creates a lacy canopy. It reaches an impressive height and spreads its branches wide, providing ample shade. The leaves are bright green and composed of small, feathery leaflets.

But what truly sets this tree apart is its enchanting flowers. When in bloom, the Jacaranda becomes a spectacle of color. Its clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers burst forth in vibrant shades of purple, creating a breathtaking display against the green backdrop of its foliage. The blossoms cover the tree, giving it a magical appearance.

This tree is particularly admired for its ability to transform the landscape when it blooms. The purple flowers create a dreamy ambiance and add a touch of elegance to any garden or street. The sight of a Jacaranda in full bloom is nothing short of captivating, making it a favorite among nature lovers and photographers alike.

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Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 11 cm
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