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Dasheri aam, Dasheri Mango – Plant


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Dasheri Mango – Plant

Dasheri mango plant, often referred to as “Dussehri Aam,” are a popular variety of mango native to India. Known for their distinct sweet taste , and smooth texture, these mangoes are highly favored in India.

The Dussehri mango is a medium-sized fruit with a slightly elongated shape. Its skin is usually green with a hint of yellow as it ripens. The flesh is fiberless, juicy, and richly sweet, making it a sought-after variety for both eating fresh and using in various culinary preparations.

These mangoes are primarily grown in the northern parts of India, particularly in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. They are usually available during the summer months, delighting mango enthusiasts with their exceptional flavor and fragrance.


  • Sunlight: Provide plenty of sunlight for at least 6-8 hours daily.
  • Watering: Water regularly, especially during flowering and fruiting seasons.
  • Fertilization: Feed with organic or mango-specific fertilizers as directed
  • Harvesting: Pick ripe mangoes gently during the summer season.


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