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Mango (Mallika)-Plant


  • Plants height with pot is 2.5 to 3 feet and pot size is 6 inches diameter.
  • Mallika is the most popular variety of mango in India.
  • Grafted plant, starts fruiting in 1 – 2 years.
  • Best fruit plant, easy maintenance, fast-growing.
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Mango (Mallika)-Plant

Mango Mallika Plant is an evergreen tree its edible fruit. The mango tree is erect and branching with a thick trunk and broad, rounded canopy. The leaves of the tree are shiny and dark green. They are either elliptical or lanceolate with long petioles and a leathery texture.

The tree produces dense clusters of flowers with light green/yellow and cream-pink petals on branched panicles. The mango fruit is roughly long in shape, with even sides. The fruit is a drupe, with an outer flesh surrounding a stone. The flesh is soft and bright yellow-orange in colour. The skin of the fruit is green to yellow. Mango trees can grow to a height of 45 m (148 ft) and can live for in excess of 100 years. Mango is believed to originate from India.


  1. Sunlight: Ensure full sun exposure for about 6-8 hours daily.
  2. Watering: Provide regular watering, especially during dry spells.
  3. Fertilization: Feed with a balanced fertilizer, especially during growth and fruiting.
  4. Pruning: Prune to maintain shape and remove dead branches.
  5. Pest Control: Watch for pests and treat promptly if detected.
  6. Harvesting: Pick ripe mangoes gently when ready in the summer.
  7. Storage: Keep ripe mangoes at room temperature or refrigerate if needed.

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Additional information

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