Amrapali Mango Plant – Grafted Mango Tree


  • 1 Live ‘Amrapali’ mango (grafted) plant height 40-50 inches with 8-inch pot.
  • ‘Amrapali’ mango was developed as a hybrid variety of ‘Dasheri’ and ‘Neelum’.
  • The tree is a dwarf, regular-bearer, with clusters of small-sized fruits.
  • Grafted plant, starts fruiting in 1 – 2 years.
  • Best fruit plant, easy maintenance, fast-growing.
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Amrapali Mango Plant

Amrapali mango plant is a popular cultivar of mango that is known for its sweet and juicy fruit. It is a hybrid of Neelum and Dasheri mangoes and is named after a beautiful princess from ancient India.

Amrapali mango trees are medium to large with round canopies and dark green leaves. They give lots of mangoes and ripes in summer. The fruit is yellow-skinned with sweet, fragrant orange pulp.

This tree is loved for both its tasty fruit and its beautiful foliage. With an elegant shape, it is a top pick for landscaping. It thrives in various soils and climates and is low-maintenance, perfect for growth in India.


  • Sunlight: plant should get plenty of sunlight, at least 6-8 hours a day.
  • Watering: Water the plant deeply but infrequently.
  • Fertilization: fertilize the plant every 2-4 weeks.

Blog: How to grow Mango

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Additional information

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