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Bushy Climber Plant Pack of 3 – Outdoor


  • Live plant along with the plastic pot.
  • Plant height with pot is 12-18 inches with 6 inches pot diameter.
  • Plants nature is outdoor/semi shade, less watering.
  • Useful for balcony, terrace, and garden.
  • Best flowering climber blooms in a bunch.

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Bushy Climber Plant Pack of 3 – Outdoor

The Outdoor Bushy Climber Plant Pack of 3 consists of three thriving climbing plants. These plants are ideal for outdoor spaces as they grow upward or outward, attaching themselves to supporting structures such as trees, walls, or trellises. They possess specialized structures like tendrils, stems, or modified leaves, enabling them to climb and securely fasten to surfaces.

Common uses of creeper plants:

  1. Ornamental Decoration: Creeper plants are widely used for ornamental purposes in gardens and landscapes and also they add aesthetic appeal by covering fences, walls, and arbors with their lush foliage and colorful flowers.
  2. Privacy Screens: Creeper plants serve as natural privacy screens when grown along fences or lattice structures, by creating a barrier that shields outdoor spaces from prying eyes.
  3. Erosion Control: These plants are effective for controlling soil erosion on slopes and embankments. Their root systems help bind soil together, preventing erosion during heavy rains.
  4. Shade Providers: Some creeper plants, like ivy, can be trained to grow on pergolas or trellises, providing natural shade and cooling effects in outdoor areas.
  5. Habitat for Wildlife: Creeper plants often attract various wildlife, including birds and insects, making them valuable for fostering biodiversity in gardens.
  6. Vertical Gardening: In vertical gardening, creeper plants are grown on walls or vertical structures, maximizing limited garden space and creating visually striking green walls.
  7. Natural Camouflage: Creeper plants are used to hide unsightly structures or old buildings, giving them a fresh, green facade and blending them into the natural surroundings.
  8. Aesthetic Ground Cover: Low-lying creeper varieties are often used as ground cover to replace traditional grass lawns, reducing maintenance and water requirements.
  9. Cultural and Religious Significance: In some cultures, creeper plants hold cultural or religious significance and are used in ceremonies, rituals, or as symbols of prosperity.

This pack contains 3 Creeper/Climber Plant

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 37 cm

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