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Rama Tulsi (Ocimum Gratissimum) plant


  • Live plant along with a plastic pot.
  • Plant height is 6-8 inches in 4 inch pot.
  • Plant height is 8-12 inches in 6 inch pot.
  • Plant height is 12-18 inches in 8 inch pot extremely bushy.
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Rama Tulsi (Ocimum Gratissimum)

Rama Tulsi, also known as Ocimum gratissimum, is a perennial herb that is a member of the Lamiaceae family. For its therapeutic qualities, traditional medical systems, particularly Ayurveda, highly regard this herb. It has aromatic leaves that release a strong, sweet fragrance and is native to India and some parts of Africa. These leaves are frequently used in teas, essential oils, and herbal medicines.

Rama Tulsi flourishes effortlessly in a variety of conditions, whether it is grown inside or outside. Due to its adaptogenic qualities, it is an effective stress reliever and supports overall wellbeing. Rama Tulsi’s essential oils, flavonoids, and antioxidant content make it a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

It’s important to remember that while Rama Tulsi may have certain health benefits, reactions to it may differ from person to person. As such, it’s always a good idea to speak with a doctor before using it as a supplement, especially if you have any health issues or are taking medication.

  • Helps relieve stress/adaptogen
  • Bolsters immunity
  • Helps Enhances stamina
  • provide assistance throughout the chilly season
  • Helps Promotes healthy metabolism
  • A natural immuno-modulator

Care Tips:-

  1. Location and Light: Place your Rama Tulsi in a spot receiving 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. It can be grown outdoors in a well-draining soil-filled container or indoors near a sunny window.
  2. Plant in well-draining soil rich in organic matter. Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering. Ensure the soil is evenly moist, but not waterlogged.
  3. Fertilizing: Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring to fall).
  4. Pruning and Harvesting: Regularly pinch off the tips to encourage bushier growth. Harvest leaves regularly, but avoid removing more than one-third of the plant at once.
  5. Overwintering: In colder climates, consider bringing your Rama Tulsi indoors before the first frost. Place it in a bright location away from heating vents.

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