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Clerodendrum Splendens, Flaming Glorybower Plant


  • Live Flaming Glorybower plant along with a plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height with pot is 10 to 12 inches and pot size is 6 inches diameter.
  • Plants nature is outdoor-semi shade, alternate day watering.
  • Useful for garden, landscaping & entrance grows up to 25 feet.
  • Best climber with beautiful flowers, hardy and easy maintenance.


Clerodendrum Splendens, Flaming Glorybower Plant

  • Botanical Name – Clerodendrum Splendens.
  • Common Name – Flaming Glorybower.
  • Family – Lamiaceae.
  • Species – C. splendens.

Clerodendrum Splendens commonly known as Flaming Glorybower is a plant native to tropical parts of West Africa. It is a vine or shrub which can reach a height of around 12 feet. Flaming glory bower is a popular ornamental in humid climates, its flowers are very attractive and attract butterflies. Its peak flowering season is December to January.

This coarse-textured evergreen climber is popular in warm, humid climates and can be used as an evergreen screen on a trellis or wall. The flowers are extremely showy and attractive to butterflies as well as people. Encourage branching and more flowers by cutting back the previous season’s growth to a suitable pair of buds.

  • Light: Full sun, but does best with some shade during the hottest part of the day in summer. 
  • Water: Water frequently in summer, sparingly in winter.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 37 cm

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