Thunbergia grandiflora | Bengal clockvine


  • Best flowering climber blooms in bunch with Plastic pot.
  • Plants height with pot is 12-18 inch and pot size is the 6-inch diameter.
  • Plant’s nature is outdoor and loves full sun/light shade
  • Required watering once a day.
  • Very easy to maintain and Suitable for gifting to Plant Lovers.
  • Useful for balcony, terrace, and garden

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Thunbergia grandiflora Plant | Bengal clockvine | Blue Trumpet Vine

Bengal clockvine (Thunbergia grandiflora), also known as sky vine or blue trumpet vine, is a woody, perennial climbing plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It is a popular ornamental plant in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world due to its striking blue-purple flowers and fast-growing, vigorous vines.

The plant can grow up to 20 feet tall and produces large, trumpet-shaped flowers that are typically blue or purple, although there are cultivars with white, pink, and lavender blooms. The flowers are borne in clusters and are attractive to hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators.

Thunbergia grandiflora Plant Features and Care

  1. Leaves: The leaves are dark green, heart-shaped, and glossy, measuring about 10-15 cm long and 6-10 cm wide.
  2. Flowers: The flowers are trumpet-shaped, measuring up to 10 cm in diameter, and come in shades of blue, purple, or white. They bloom in large clusters and have a distinctive yellow center.
  3. Stem: The stem of the plant is woody and can grow up to 8 meters long, climbing by tendrils.
  4. Habitat: Thunbergia grandiflora is native to India, Southeast Asia, and China but is cultivated in many parts of the world for ornamental purposes.
  5. Growing conditions: The plant prefers full sun or partial shade and well-draining soil. It is a fast-growing vine and requires regular pruning to control its growth.

Uses of Thunbergia grandiflora Plant

  1. Ornamental plant: It is commonly used as an ornamental plant in gardens, landscapes, and parks. Its beautiful blue or purple flowers and attractive foliage make it an excellent choice for adding color and interest to any outdoor space.
  2. Traditional medicine: The leaves and roots are used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments, such as fever, cough, and skin infections. Some traditional healers also use it to treat snake bites.
  3. Pollinator plant: The plant’s flowers attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, making it a great addition to a pollinator garden.
  4. Shade provider: Grown over pergolas, trellises, and other structures to provide shade and shelter from the sun.
  5. Erosion control: The plant’s fast-growing nature makes it an effective erosion control measure on steep slopes or areas prone to soil erosion.
  6. Indoor plant: Grown indoors in a bright, sunny spot as long as it is provided with support to climb.
  7. Cut flower: The plant’s flowers make beautiful cut flowers that can be used in floral arrangements or as a decorative element.

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Dimensions24 × 13 × 11 cm
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