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Wood Apple Fruit


  • Live plant along with the plastic pot.
  • Plants nature is outdoor, alternate day watering
  • Useful for medicinal Plant, fruit plant
  • The plant’s height with pot is 1-1.5 feet and pot size is 6 inches in diameter.



Wood Apple Fruit

The Wood apple is Botanically known as Limonia acidissima, And this fruit is native to India but is also found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and various other regions in the southern part of Asia. Wood apples look like small coconuts, averaging 5 to 12 centimetres in diameter, and have a hard, woody, white-light brown shell with a rough consistency similar to tree bark and Wood apples are available in the late summer through winter or post-monsoon season in Asia.

The rind also has a small hole at the top of the fruit where it was once connected to the tree, also where it emits a pungent, buttery aroma often likened to blue cheese. It is nearly impossible to determine the ripeness of the fruit just by appearance alone. To test for maturity, the fruit is dropped on the ground from a height of about one foot, and if the fruit bounces, it is not ripe.

The pulp or flesh of the Wood apple is ivory when immature, transitioning into orange-brown or dark brown with age. Because when the rind is cracked open, the flesh has a sticky, mealy, and creamy consistency. Also inside the flesh are edible, crunchy, white seeds and the occasional fibrous string. And wood apples have a complex sweet, sour, and acidic flavour, reminiscent of tamarind, eggnog, raisins, and sharp cheeses.

        Plant Care

  • Soil – A well-drained, light sandy soil is ideal for its good growth and fruit.
  • Water – Newly Planted water the seeds regularly until the plant is fully established.
  • Light – Plants that do not bloom are not getting enough light. Put your tree where it will get a bright light with some direct sunlight every day.
  • Fertilizer – Fertilize your wood apple plant every year with organic fertilizer.
  • Temperature Prefers temperature  15-30 degrees.
  • Space- Transplant the seedlings in the field at a spacing of 10m*10m.

    Plant Maintenance

    This fruit plant requires very little maintenance. It should get sunlight more than 6 hours a day and water it when the soil seems dry.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 37 cm
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