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Table Kamini Plant (Tapori), Murraya Paniculata


  • Live plant along with Plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height with pot is 12 to 18 inches with 2 steps and pot size is 6-inches in diameter.
  • Plants’ nature is indoor/outdoor with less watering.
  • Useful for bonsai, ground cover, garden plants.
  • A beautiful plant & its leaves with hardy and easy maintenance.

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Table kamini Plant (Tapori)

The Table Kamini Plant (Tapori) is considered to be one of the best indoor and outdoor plants with an evergreen bushy shrub that can fill your home with greenery and happiness. This is a low-maintenance plant and has fragrant flower clusters which attract bees.

It is a shrub with tiny green, glossy leaves and fragrant. It can be taken outdoors in summer to a place that is shaded from the midday sun but must be wintered. Move it back to the indoor environment but if the temperature falls too much and place it where the humidity is high. During the growing season give the plant plenty of water. Because at other times let the soil becomes partially dry between watering, especially during cool winter months. And the tap water is suitable, it’s better to avoid spraying as it may make the bark swell and peel.

Care Instructions

  • Keep plants in medium-light locations, out of direct sunlight.
  • Natural light is best, but some plants can also thrive in office fluorescent light.
  • Be careful to avoid overwatering.
  • Do not allow plants to stand in water because it’s not good for plant health.
  • Avoid wetting plant leaves excessively.
  • Remove any dead, infected, or damaged parts of the plant and discard them away.
  • For any disease or insect attack, you can use “Neem oil” spray for the usual treatment.

Dos and Don’ts After Receiving the Plant

  • Do not re-pot the plant immediately after receiving it. We’ve taken care of that with a better pot and rich soil.
  • Keep the plant in indirect sunlight for 3 to 7 days.
  • Always check the soil moisture and keep the plant hydrated all time. Do not overwater it.

What Makes it Special

  • It’s very useful for bonsai plants.
  • It’s a low-maintenance and evergreen plant.
  • Best foliage plant with shiny bright green leaves
  • It’s a tropical plant with small, white, scented flowers.

Planting & Caring Requirements


  • Partial and natural sunlight is good for the better growth of the Kamini Plant.


  • Please always check the soil of the plant is well-drained and fertile.
  • Acidic and humid soil is good for natural growth.


  • Only apply 1 cup of water when the upper layer of the soil in the pot feels dry but don’t apply heavy watering.
  • Try to water it early in the morning because the morning time is the best time to water it.


  • Always apply water to the port immediately after the application of fertilizer.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 37 cm

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