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Plumeria Frangipani Blood Red, Temple Tree


Famous for thick stems, leathery grey green leaves, flushed with blood red fragrant flowers

  •  Mature Plants height with pot is 18-24 inches, with 6″ inches pot.
  •  Flowers color is deep red with intense black veining from the center and combing through the petal.
  •  Plants nature is outdoor, loves full sun & less watering.
  •  Annual Flowering & hardy plant
  • Outstanding ornamental features and could be planted more

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Plumeria Frangipani Blood Red, Temple Tree

Plumeria Frangipani is an iconic tropical tree bearing flowers of blood-red coloured, scented flowers during the warmer months of November through to April. Flowers appear in clusters at the end of branches and have a very distinctive fragrance. Unlike some flowering trees which bloom for a few days or weeks, Plumeria frangipani flower for months. Frequently used as a specimen tree, it has a stunning impact when used alone or as part of a tropical garden design. They look great in big pots on balconies or in courtyards as well.

Plumeria Frangipani is commonly known as temple tree, simple plumeria , red paucipan and red jasmine. The flowers of Champa Plumeria Pink are the symbol of natural beauty with their striking color and eminent fragrance. It is the most beloved garden plant all around the world growing in the tropical and sub-tropical climate.

Plumeria Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped, reddish blooms which appear at branch tips. The tree itself is rather unusual in appearance; deciduous leaves cluster only at the tips of the rough, blunt, sausage-like, thick, grey-green branches. Branches are upright and rather crowded on the trunk forming a vase or umbrella shape with age. They are relatively soft and brittle and can break but are usually strong unless they are mechanically hit or disturbed. The crown briefly loses its leaves during the winter, displaying coarse textured, stubby branches. A milky juice is released when the branches are injured or punctured.

Features of Plumeria Frangipani

The plants have thick stems, and the leaves are leathery. It grows as a spreading tree to 7–8 m (23–26 ft) high and wide, and is flushed with Frangipani blood red flowers that become even more fragrant once picked. The 5-petalled flowers come in an array of colours. They require a minimum of 6 hours of full sunlight a day in order to reach its potential in growth and flower quality.

In cooler climates, plumeria are grown in containers, as they will not tolerate cold. In areas that may be warm most of the time but still fairly prone to cold winters, the plant can be dug up and overwintered indoors. Alternatively, you can sink container grown plumerias in the ground, bringing them indoors once the temperatures begin to drop in fall. Once warmer temps return in spring, you can return the plants back outdoors. When growing plumeria plants in pots, use a coarse, well-draining potting mix—cactus mix or perlite and sand should be fine.

Planting & Care

  • Light: Plumerias prefer bright sunlight
  • Watering: Water your plumeria regularly so the soil never dries out completely.
  • Humidity: Moderate humidity for optimum growth.
  • Exposure: Require at least 6 to 7 hours of direct sun every day.
  • Maintenance: Easy to care
  • Soil: They grow well in light soils having good drainage.
  • Fertilizing: In growing season, feed with phosphate fertilizer every two or three weeks to promote new growth.

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