Lettuce Seeds (सलाद पत्ता)


  • Seeds per packet – 500.
  • Specialty – Hybrid.
  • Difficulty Level – Easy to grow.
  • Days to maturity – 60-70 days.
  • Plant spacing – 12-16 inches apart.
  • Light Requirement – Expose the plants to full sun during the day.
  • Soil Requirement – Beans require well-drained, light, and nutrient-rich soil.
  • Water Requirement – Keeping the soil moist at all times is vital. But do not overwater your plants or let the soil dry up.
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Lettuce Seeds (सलाद पत्ता)

The Lettuce Seeds (सलाद पत्ता) cups this versatile vegetable and is a favorite in all forms, Garden lettuce is far superior in both taste and vitamin A content, to supermarket brands. Because some of the health benefits of lettuce include lowering cholesterol levels, cancer control, and protection of neurons, sleep induction, anxiety control, lowering inflammation, and providing a supply of antioxidants.

Lettuce put it in a burger or a sandwich and in a salad also or make the famous south-east Asian. This Crunchy and crisp green vegetable is loved by kids and grownups alike. And Iceberg Lettuce is an annual plant belonging to the Asteraceae family and is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It’s also easy to store after harvesting.

Lettuce Growing Tips in Container

Lettuce is very easy to grow in any type of vegetable garden or pot.

Sowing Season
  • All Seasonal.
Soil Requirements
  • The right type of soil is very important as nutrition is required for the growth of the plant.
  • A mix of soil requires Red soil, Vermicompost, and Coco peat in respective ratios (40: 40: 20). Also, But add a handful of Neem cake to each pot to keep the soil pest-free.
Container Specification
  • Take Container/Grow bag with minimum 6-inch height.
  • You can grow also bags or even bigger as per requirement.
  • Sow your seeds 12-14 cm apart at a depth of 1⁄2inch (1.3 cm).
  • Keep soil moist to speed germination and encourage quick growth.
  • Sow the 1-2 seeds per pit.
  • Water regularly but do not overwater your plants or let the soil dry up.
  • Seedling takes place within 7-14 days from the date of sowing.
Plants Caring
  • Lettuce needs full of Sunlight Because lettuce loves full sunlight.
  • Check the plants regularly and spray neem oil and Panchagavya to keep the insects away. Add a handful of compost every 10-15 days for each pot to make sure the soil has enough nutrition to grow plants.
  • Harvesting of Lettuce can start after 6 to 8 weeks of sowing.
  • Do not wait too long to harvest or wait for larger leaves.
  • bitterness will set in quickly after maturity.
  • Good quality.
  • Highly demanded.
  • Reasonable best prices.




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