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White Jamun Tree, Syzygium cumini – Thai Variety Fruit Plant


  • Live plant along with 6-inch plastic pot.
  • The plant height is 12-18 inches in 6 inch pot.
  • The plant age is 1year..
  • Require water twice a week.
  • Assured safe delivery with easy replacement.
  • The Live plant will be coming in well-stable potted condition.

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White Jamun Tree, Syzygium cumini – Thai Variety Fruit Plant

White Jamun Tree, scientifically known as Syzygium cumini, is a fruit-bearing tree recognized for its distinctive white to pale yellow fruit. Belonging to the Myrtaceae family, it is closely related to the more common Black Jamun tree. Native to regions of Southeast Asia and Australia, the White Jamun tree features glossy leaves and small, fragrant white flowers.

White jamun is packed with essential nutrients that are beneficial for overall health. It is a good source of vitamins A and C, which support immunity and promote healthy skin. It also contains dietary fibre, aiding in digestion and promoting a healthy gut.

Care Tips for White Jamun Tree:-

  1. Location and Sunlight: Plant your White Jamun tree in a spot that receives full to partial sunlight and a location that offers protection from strong winds.
  2. Watering: Water regularly, especially during the growing season. Allow the soil to slightly dry between waterings.
  3. Soil: Well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter.
  4. Fertilization: Feed with a balanced fertilizer during the growing months to promote healthy growth and fruiting.
  5. Pruning: Regular pruning helps maintain the tree’s shape, remove dead or diseased branches, and encourage new growth.
  6. Health Benefits: Recognize the potential health benefits of White Jamun fruit, which is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Incorporate the fruit into your diet for its possible contributions to overall well-being.
  7. Patience and Care: White Jamun trees might take a few years to start producing significant amounts of fruit. Be patient and consistent in your care routine.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 37 cm

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