Vermiculite Powder


  • 500g in one bag.
  • OdorlessEco friendly chemical freePrevents root rot in soil that holds moisture. and nutrients does not change soil pH.
  • Directly put on the soil 30% ratio.
  • Use with potting mix composition in ratio 20-30%.
  • Assured Safe Delivery With Easy Replacement.

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Vermiculite Powder

Vermiculite powder, a wonderful natural mineral, is a multifaceted solution with numerous applications. This plant-derived miracle, formed from the exfoliation of phyllosilicate minerals such as mica, offers remarkable water retention and aeration capabilities. Making it a standard in gardening and horticulture.

One of its distinguishing features is its capacity to improve soil structure by minimizing compaction and encouraging proper root growth. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts all around the world appreciate vermiculite for its eco-friendliness, as it helps to reduce water use and encourages long-term plant growth.

Moreover, vermiculite powder finds its way into insulation materials due to its fire-resistant qualities. Its non-toxic and environmentally friendly characteristics make it a preferred choice for insulation, keeping spaces energy-efficient and safe. As a sea-friendly resource, vermiculite serves as a testament to the potential of plant-derived solutions in enhancing our lives while minimizing ecological impact.

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