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Syngonium Wendlandii | Velvet Arrow-Head Plant


  • Live plant along with a plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height with pot is 6-8 inches and pot size is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Plants nature is indoor, twice a week.
  • Useful for gifts Plants, tabletop, ground cover.
  • Best foliage plants & beautiful leaves, hardy and easy maintenance


Syngonium Wendlandii | Velvet Arrow-Head Plant

Wendlandii is a slow-growing plant that is easy to grow and care for. It needs regular watering, a well-draining mixture, and balanced fertilizer for growth.

Syngonium Wendlandii originated from the tropical region of Central and South America. It is one of the top two famous species of Syngonium; the other one is Syngonium Podophyllum.

The main reason to choose this plant as your houseplant is that it’s an air purifier. Syngonium Wendlandii plant absorbs toxins from indoor spaces so you can even plant them in lift lobby areas or car parks.

It will also absorb odour from air, which makes it an excellent choice for places with little or no air ventilation. Because it has a high rate of transpiration; that’s why it helps to increase the humidity within a room.

The most interesting part is that this evergreen plant has variegated foliage in the shades of green, white, and silver.

As a houseplant, you can grow it as a hanging plant letting the vines dangle from the pot or provide support to let it grow as a climber.

These plants are not that difficult to grow. They are simply no-fuss plants, suitable enough for everyone including the beginners and lazy peeps.

Quick Guide

  • Water- Moderate. (Water right after the upper soil gets partially dry)
  • Sunlight- Dappled sun.
  • Humidity- Average (40 to 60% moisture in the air)
  • Fertilizer- Mild doses of fertilizer in summer and spring.

Water Requirement

These pees love to stay in evenly moist soil. So follow the basic principle of watering evenly and letting the soil dry out partially before the next watering. You can observe the upper soil by touching it. And when you see the soil about 90% dried (not bone dry), it is time to water!

You need to observe the drying pattern and period of soil. This will help you to estimate a watering schedule. In higher temperatures and brighter light, the plants usually need more water. An estimated water frequency for spring and summer is about twice a week.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 37 cm

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