Philodendron Warscewiczii Aurea Flavum | Selloum (Golden) Plant


  • Live plant along with a 6-inch plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height with pot is 10 to 12 inches.
  • Easy to grow a plant.
  • Low Maintenance plant.
  • Recommended by NASA’s air purifying study.
  • Place your plant in a spot where it will receive medium or bright indirect light.
  • It can tolerate extreme low sunlight but may need additional care.

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Philodendron Warscewiczii Aurea Plant

Philodendron Selloum (Golden) Plants are among the most popular, tolerant, durable and low maintenance Plant of all house plants. What they all have in common is their ability to survive neglect and adverse conditions. And you can enhance the beauty of your indoor spaces by growing the Philodendron warscewiczii plant. Because It’s a very beautiful and rare to find house plant.

Philodendron Selloum was part of the NASA Clean air study and was found effective in cleaning indoor air pollutants. Exposure to VOC’s and carbon monoxide has proven to increase drowsiness, headaches and lack of concentration, philodendrons are also efficient in cleaning the air pollutants.

Planting and Care

Philodendron warscewiczii aurea can tolerate being far from a window and light source. Place it less than 6 feet from a south-facing window to ensure it receives enough light to survive. And also you can select your region to see how the current weather in your area affects the placement of Philodendron warscewiczii aurea in your home.

  • Sunlight: Part shade.
  • Soil: Well-drained soil.
  • Water: Medium. (Early in the morning if the soil is dry)
  • Temperature: 20 to 30 degrees C.
  • Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer. (Monsoon and spring season)
  • Re-potting: Spring season. (Because spring season is good for plant health)
    Additional Tips and Care
    • Philodendron requires regular pruning to enhance its growth.
    • If your Philodendron Selloum Golden outgrows its pot, it is best to re-pot in the spring season.
    • Regularly rotate your Philodendron to maintain a balanced growth on all sides.
    • Clean the leaves with a soft, damp cloth for healthy foliage.
    • As your plant prefers warm temperatures, please keep it away from cold draughts, such as near windows.
  • It makes an excellent container or house plant.
  • Preferred for mass planting and as a specimen plant.
  • The plant is used for ornamental purposes.
Special Feature
  • Excellent air purifier plant.
  • Popular indoor plant of easy culture.
  • Train on a trellis or a moisture-retaining column, or trail down from a container and hanging basket.
Philodendron Selloum Care

(How to care your selloum for 1-2 weeks after receiving plant at your location)

  • Keep the plant in natural indirect bright light but please not keep direct sunlight.
  • Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
  • Water when topsoil (1-2 inches) feels dry to touch Because it’s not good for your plant.
  • Do not re-pot for a minimum of 2 weeks after receiving it.

Additional information

Additional information

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