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Pachira Aquatica ‘3 Trunk’ (Money Tree)


  • Live Pachira plant along with the Colored plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height with pot is 1.5 feet and pot size is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Plants nature is indoor-outdoor, watering once a week.
  • Useful for a gift, tabletop plant, lucky plants.
  • Best foliage and rare plant, beautiful trunk, and easy maintenance.

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Pachira Aquatica ‘3 Trunk’ (Money Tree)

Pachira Aquatica’s central trunk is made up of One, three, five, or seven stems that are often braided together manually. The top of the Money Tree has the? lucky? 5 lobed leaf arrangements. The plant can be trained as a bonsai or used as a table plant.? According to the Feng Shui practice, the plant brings luck and prosperity to its owners. These are extremely easy to care for plants that can also be groomed to grow indoors, under artificial lights. Pachira Aquatica is a native of Mexico and Southern America. Fully grown Pachira trees can measure up to 60 feet in height. Often? in homes and gardens, they are also grown as Bonsai specimens that are just a few feet tall. While they do their best when grown in full sun or partial shade, A well-grown Pachira plant can instantly add a tropical element to any setting. Whether you are growing them indoors, on a balcony, or out in the open, this unique foliage species with their fattened or braided stems are conversation starters for sure. For anyone looking to get started with growing Bonsai, a Pachira plant is a good starting point.

Good Luck Factor

Money Tree plants are very commonly found in homes and offices because of their ability to survive with minimal care. The money tree plant is also highly idolized by those who practice feng shui because they commonly sprout five leaves on a stem. Five is an important number in feng shui because it is believed that everything within the universe is made up of five distinct elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. It is believed that if you place a money tree plant in an area that is exposed to areas concerning money, the money tree plant will bring the owner good luck and fortune. Often adorned with red ribbons and symbols, the money tree plant is perfect as an office/business gift because of its ability to grow in low light, minimal watering and care, and the wealth and good fortune it brings.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 37 cm


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