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Alpinia Purpurata Variegated Ginger Plant


  • Live plant will be coming in well-stable potted condition.
  • Plant height will be 8-12 inches in 6 inches pot.
  • Plants nature is indoor & less watering.
  • Assured Safe & Fresh Delivery With Easy Replacement.
  • its variegated leaves, often with shades of green, cream, and pink, create an eye-catching display.
  • The variegated ginger plant brings an exotic touch and Its a Air Purify.

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Alpinia Purpurata Variegated Ginger Plant

Alpinia Purpurata Variegata, also known as Variegated Ginger or Alpinia Zerumbet, is a beautiful decorative plant with lush foliage and brilliant hues.This plant is native to Eastern Asia, including Japan and China, and thrives in subtropical climes. Its graceful leaves, which are embellished with stunning green and creamy white variegation, make it a compelling choice for both indoor and outdoor areas.It brings an air of exotic splendor to any space and thrives in strong, indirect light indoors. It enhances gardens outdoors with a tropical feel and thrives in well-draining soil and mild sunlight.Its distinct patterns and air-purifying properties make it an appealing addition to any environment, transforming it into a natural refuge of beauty and freshness.

Caring Tips:-

1. Lighting: Provide bright, indirect light for your Alpinia Variegata plant. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the delicate variegated leaves. If kept indoors, place it near a window with filtered sunlight.

2. Pruning: Trim dead or yellowing leaves regularly to maintain the plant’s appearance and encourage new growth. Remove any spent flowers to promote better blooming.

3. Humidity: Create a humid environment for your Alpinia Variegata, mimicking its native tropical habitat. Regular misting or placing a tray of water nearby can help increase humidity levels.

4. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry before watering again. During the growing season, water more frequently and reduce watering during the dormant period.

5. Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix that retains some moisture but prevents waterlogging. A mix of potting soil, peat moss, and perlite or sand works well.

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