Philodendron ‘Ring of Fire’ Plant


  • Live plant along with a plastic pot.
  • The plant is bushy.
  • Plant height in 4 inches pot is 9-12 inches and 6 inches pot is 18-24 inches.
  • Plants nature is indoor/semi shade, less watering.
  • Recommended by NASA’s air purifying study.
  • Best foliage plants, useful for tabletop and gift plants.
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Philodendron ‘Ring of Fire’ Plant


Philodendron Ring of Fire is one of the most sought-after philodendrons in the world. The beautiful plant does not have two, three, or even four colors; it is a rare combination of five colours, all occurring at different parts during various seasons throughout the year.

If you are looking for a fast-growing and low-maintenance plant that will create an exotic atmosphere in your home, We suggest Philodendron Ring of Fire. And Philodendron ‘Red emerald’ is the best option for you. Philodendron is native to Colombia.

Philodendron Ring of Fire is one of our favorites.  It’s got serrated, multi-color variegated leaves that give it a beautiful and unique appearance.  We find it to be an easy grower.

Like most Philodendrons, this variety prefers moist but well-draining soil and some humidity. As it climbs, it should be staked or allowed to climb up moss poles.  In higher humidity environments, numerous aerial roots will form which gives the plants a beautiful look.

Please note that due to the nature of variegation, each plant is a unique individual.  There will be some variability from plant to plant and even from one leaf to another on the same plant.

“Philo” means love, whereas “Dendron” means “tree”. The plant was named Philodendron in reference to the fact that it is a “tree hugger” and loves to climb along with trees. It’s very easy to grow beautiful plants with green, elliptical leaves that are thick and leather-like and arranged in an upright formation.

Philodendron ‘Red emerald’ is is an aggressive climber with long, narrow green leaves with deep red veins and heart-shaped leaves, The inflorescence consists of a foot-long purplish red spathe enclosing an upright spadix with many tiny petalless flowers.

Philodendron Care

Philodendrons grow best in medium light and bright indirect sunlight. Older leaves turn yellow naturally. However, several leaves turn yellow at once, which could be an indicator that the plant is getting too much sun. They will tolerate low light, but if the stems become leggy with several inches between the leaves, move the plant to a brighter location.

Philodendrons will produce larger leaves and remain healthier if you fertilize them regularly. Use slow-release pellets at the beginning of the growing season, or weekly 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer. During the winter you only need to fertilize about once per month.

Size & Growth

Philodendron is a small-sized plant, and the maximum height it can usually reach is only two feet. Regarding the width, it grows between two and four feet.


It likes bright places but he doesn’t like direct sunlight. It is best to place it near a window with bright-coloured curtains where the light will be bright but defused.


Watering a Philodendron plant is much like watering most Philodendron plants. You want to keep the soil moist. You don’t want to drench the soil in water and you don’t want it to dry out. Over-watering your Philodendron is as dangerous as under-watering it.

Useful Tip

When you over-water, your plant is susceptible to different diseases. This includes the horrible root rot we discussed earlier. But root rot isn’t the only horrible condition your plant can go through. The other conditions are only a little better when it comes to planting damage. The only exception is during winter. When the cold months hit, you can let all the soil dry out before you water the Philodendron.


The best soil for Philodendron is 100% peat moss or a mix of 200% peat and perlite. For a plant, you need well-draining soil. This type of soil ensures excess water drains through the plant pot. This prevents all that extra water from building up in the soil.


Philodendron likes moderate room temperatures, from 60 to 75 degrees F. Still, they tolerate lower temperature conditions than most of the other houseplants.

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