Unique foliage- Barleria obtusa ‘Purple Gem’ Plant


  •  Live plant along with plastic pot, available in two size.
  •  Plants height with pot is 10-12 inches with 4 inches pot.
  •  Plants height with pot is 12-18 inches with 6 inches pot.
  •  Plant habit: Shrub Like, Upright/ Mature height: 60cm-1m/ Mature width: 30-60cm
  •  Plants nature is outdoor/semi shade, less watering
  •  Useful for landscaping, ornamental and garden plants.
  •  Beutiful foilage, purple flower and low maintenance plant.


Barleria obtusa ‘Purple Gem’ – Plant

Barleria obtusa ‘Purple Gem’ is a cultivar of the plant species Barleria obtusa. Commonly known as bush violet, ‘Purple Gem’ is a decorative foliage plant with white and purple leaves, and small purple flowers appearing during the warmer months of the year and is a favorite among gardeners and horticulturists. It is known for its compact and bushy growth habit, making it an excellent choice for ornamental landscaping.

Gardeners and landscapers often select Barleria obtusa ‘Purple Gem’ for its vibrant and long-lasting blooms, which add a burst of color to gardens and landscapes. This cultivar is particularly attractive to pollinators like butterflies and bees, contributing to the biodiversity of the garden.

Cultivating and caring for Barleria obtusa ‘Purple Gem’ is relatively straightforward, and it is appreciated for its low-maintenance characteristics. With proper care and suitable growing conditions, it can thrive and enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces.

Care tips for ‘Purple Gem’ plant

  1. Sunlight: Ensure that plant receives plenty of sunlight. Plant it in a location where it can get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.
  2. Watering: Water the plant regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water deeply when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. During the growing season, typically spring to early autumn, it may need more frequent watering.
  3. Soil: Plant in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. Barleria obtusa ‘Purple Gem’ prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil.
  4. Fertilizing: Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the spring to promote healthy growth and flowering.
  5. Pruning: Regularly prune the plant to maintain its compact and bushy shape. This can also encourage more prolific flowering. Prune after the blooming season or as needed to remove dead or leggy growth.
  6. Protection from Frost: If you live in an area with frost, provide protection  during the winter months. Cover it with frost cloth or move it to a sheltered location.
  7. Pest and Disease Control: Keep an eye out for common pests like aphids or scale insects. If you notice any infestations, treat the plant with appropriate organic or chemical pest control methods. Ensure good air circulation to prevent fungal diseases.
  8. Support: In windy areas, you may need to provide some support, such as stakes, to prevent the plant from leaning or breaking.

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