Dieffenbachia Green Magic Plant


  • Live plant along with plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height with pot is 1 feet and pot size is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Plants nature is Indoor-semi shade, alternate day watering.
  • Best foliage plants & beautiful green color leaves.
  • Useful for gifts Plants, office decorative.
  • Used as ornamental for Ground cover in shade areas.


Dieffenbachia Green Magic Plant

Dieffenbachia ‘Green Magic’, commonly known as Dumb Cane, is the newest dieffenbachia to be added to Plant Circle’s collection. Its solid green leaves with a white stripe down the middle make this plant particularly attractive and interesting, This bold and confident Dieffenbachia brings grace and style to your indoor decor.

Dieffenbachia ‘Green Magic’ Grows to a size of 1 meter with a spread of 50 cm. It is a very easy-care plant that requires less frequent watering compared to other indoor plants. It is capable of withstanding lower levels of light however will thrive in a bright position. Avoid direct sun.

Dieffenbachia ‘Green Magic’ is easy to grow if you strive for the best possible care. The goal is to keep your Dumb Cane slightly moist but not soggy wet.

Dieffenbachia Plant Care

Sunlight: Dieffenbachia plants love to grow in indirect bright natural light. Do not place the plant in direct sunlight it may burn the foliage of the plant in extremely hot temperatures.

Soil: Use well-drained and nutrition-rich soil to grow the Dieffenbachia plant.

Watering: Check the upper layer of the soil (1-2 Inches) by fingertip if feel dry water your plant but over water may kill your plant. Reduce water in the winter and rainy seasons but the soil shouldn’t be completely dry.

Temperature: Dieffenbachia plant is happily grown at 15-25 Degree Celcius temperature.

Feed: During the main growing season (March – April) feed the Dieffenbachia plant with organic fertilizer once a month. Loosen the topsoil without disturbing the roots of the plant so it can uptake nutrients and moisture easily.

Plant Protection: Remove dead, infected, or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants. For any insect attack or disease, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil, or Citrus oil spray for primary treatment.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 37 cm

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