Variegated Lemonia, Ravenia Spectabilis (Pink) – Plant


  • Live plant along with the plastic pot.
  • Plants height with pot is 1.5-2 feet and pot size is 6-inch diameter.
  • Plants nature is Indoor/semi shade, less watering.
  • Useful for balcony, terrace, and garden.
  • Best flowering indoor plant with beautiful texture on leaves.

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Variegated Lemonia, Ravenia Spectabilis (Pink) – Plant

An exotic and rare plant, Lemonia is a large shrub with bright dark pink flowers. The flower petals have a grainy and hard texture. The flowers have a curious flattened appearance. Leaves are divided into three leaflets which are elliptic, dark green, and glossy. Prefers semi-shade conditions and regular watering. Great butterfly attractor. Though it is known to grow to a height of 3-5 meters, it is mostly maintained as a shrub. It is especially attractive when grown in shrubby groups.

Ravenia spectabilis is a rare flowering shrub. Leaves are alternate or opposite, simple or trifoliate, oblong or elliptic-lanceolate, acute or obtuse at apex, base acute, glabrous and glossy, lateral nerves obscure, sessile. Flowers often 2 or 3 on axillary peduncles, sometimes solitary. The calyx consists of 3-5 distinct or basally connate sepals. Corolla dark pink, lobes 5, with a distinct midrib. The stamens connate, obdiplostemonous, with the outer whorl opposite the petals. The pistil 2-5 or more carpels, often connate at base 2-5 or more locules, each with 1-several axile ovules.

Care for Lemonia, Ravenia Spectabilis

Sunlight: Lemonia spectabilis requires warm temperatures, and a location that is partial shade also works out. It requires regular but controlled watering.

Location: Lemonia spectabilis are not too hardy shrub and do not tolerate cold temperatures.

Propagation from cuttings. Fertilize once in 4 months. You can mulch with fallen leaves and flowers of Lemonias. Hardly any pest attacks were noticed. Requires well-drained soil.

Pink Ravenias can be used as a hedge, border plants. It looks beautiful if planted along the walls and buildings.

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