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Organic Cow Dung Cake (Big Size) I गाय के गोबर के उपले

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  • Organic Homemade Pure Cow Dung Cake Set of 3 PC (Big Size).
  • Cow dung cakes can be used for daily puja and other religious activities.
  • Completely dried, moisture free and burns properly.
  • Very useful to be to purifying the atmosphere.
  • Cow dung cakes will kill bugs and insects.
  • It is used to purify the air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee.

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Organic Cow Dung Cake (Big Size)

Organic Cow Dung Cake is 100% pure and handmade cow dung cakes for daily hawan, puja and other religious activities. Cow Dung Cakes are made from the Dung of Desi Indian Cows. In Hindi, it is called Gobar ke Uple or Kande. They have been traditionally used as fuel in India for making food in a domestic hearth called a Chulha.

Organic Cow Dung Cake, Gobar / Gomaya (गाय के गोबर के उपले) has medicinal and economic applications in Ayurveda. Cow Dung Cake is perfect for air purification. Used in pious ceremonies like havan. It is a traditional alternative to dhoop and agarbatti. Kill germs, insects, and microorganisms and keeps air purified. Releases oxygen in the air upon burning.

Use As an Organic Fertilizer

Cow dung cake is used as organic fertilizer also since the start of farming and is a proven organic fertilizer. It is rich in minerals, especially nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. (cow dung)

 How to Use

  • Loosen the soil around the plant using a cultivator, trowel, or any other digging & cultivating tools.
  • Apply the cow manure by sprinkling it near the root zone of the plants for good results.
  • Water the plants after applying the manure to mix it properly with the soil.

Using Small Tips

  • Soak the cake in water (1 cake for 2.5 Litres) for 2 to 3 days.

  • Crush the cake and mix with water.

  • Take 300 ml of solution and feed the plant once a week.


  • 100% Pure and Eco-friendly.
  • Cow dung eradicates pathogens and is a recognized disinfectant.
  • The burning of supplies cleanses the air and produces prana (oxygen) in the atmosphere.
  • The smoke from burning cow dung cakes repels insects and mosquitoes.
  • The addition of cow dung increases the mineral status of the soil.
  • enhances the resistance of plant against pests and diseases, and stimulate plant growth.

Additional information

Additional information

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