Donkey Tail | Sedum morganianum – Plants


  • Live plant along with a plastic pot
  • Plant height will be 6-8 inches in 4 inches pot.
  • Plants nature is indoor/semi shade, less watering
  • Best Succulent plants, useful for tabletop and gift plants.
  • Assured Safe Delivery With Easy Replacement.



Donkey Tail (Burro’s tail) Plant

Donkey Tail Plant, scientifically known as Sedum morganianum, is a fascinating succulent native to the dry regions of southern Mexico and Honduras. Dry, rocky terrain characterizes its natural habitat, molding the plant’s distinctive adaptations.

This lovely succulent is known for its trailing stems that flow beautifully, earning it the names “Burro’s Tail” or “Donkey Tail.” Its large, fleshy leaves retain water and make it drought-resistant, making it ideal for low-maintenance gardening. Donkey Tail plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight and well-drained soil, making them a popular indoor plant.

The plant’s striking appearance, boasting long, trailing stems adorned with rows of plump, blue-green leaves, adds an elegant touch to any environment. Furthermore, Donkey Tail plants symbolize persistence and adaptability, demonstrating their capacity to thrive in challenging environments. Whether utilized as a hanging plant or incorporated into a succulent arrangement, this species introduces a touch of natural beauty to your surroundings, consequently becoming a beloved choice among plant enthusiasts.

Caring Tips:-

Light: Give your Donkey Tail plants bright, indirect sunshine. Avoid direct sunshine, which can scorch the leaves.

Watering: Water lightly yet thoroughly. Allow the soil to dry in between waterings. Overwatering can induce root rot, whereas underwatering can result in withered foliage.

Soil: Use well-draining cactus or succulent potting mix to prevent waterlogged roots.

Fertilizing: During the growing season (spring and summer). Feed your Donkey Tail plant every 4-6 weeks with a balanced, diluted succulent fertilizer.

Pruning: Trim leggy or damaged stems to encourage a bushier, more compact growth habit.

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Additional information

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