Arka Plant | Calotropis gigantea “Aak”- Plants


  •  Live Arka (Calotropis gigantea, Mandar, Rui) plant along with plastic pot
  • Plant height will be 12-16 inches in 6 inches pot.
  •  plants nature is outdoor-semi shade, alternate day watering
  •  useful for herbs & medicinal plants
  • Assured Safe Delivery With Easy Replacement.

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Arka Plant (Akvana\Milkweeds)

The Calotropis gigantea, often called Crown Flower or Giant Milkweed, is a big, star-shaped purple or white flowering plant that stands out for its thick, green foliage. This plant is a favorite in gardens and landscapes because of its alluring appearance.

Wherever it grows, Crown Flower’s distinctive blossoms and broad foliage give off a tropical vibe. Toxic substances found in the plant’s milky sap act as a defense against herbivores. But you should exercise caution when using this feature, especially if there are kids or dogs nearby.

Arka Plant is used for wound healing, skin ailments, pain relief, respiratory issues, and digestive support. Caution: Latex can irritate skin, and internal use requires expert guidance.

Calotropis gigantea, a native of the tropics, grows best in areas with direct sunlight and soil that drains well. Once grown, it requires little maintenance and is drought-resistant. The Crown Flower is a fantastic option for bringing a touch of exotic elegance to your outdoor space because of its beauty and ease of maintenance.

Caring Tips:-

  1. Location: Calotropis gigantea plant prefers direct sunlight, so place it in a bright location.
  2. Soil: Plant it in a soil that drains properly to avoid waterlogging and root rot.
  3. Watering: Water the plant sparingly, letting the soil partially dry in between applications. Once established, it tolerates drought reasonably well.
  4. Pruning: To promote new development and keep the plant looking clean, trim dead or yellowing leaves and discarded blossoms.
  5. Fertilizing: To encourage healthy growth, fertilize during the growing season (spring and summer) with a well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer.

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