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Allspice Plant, Jamaica Pepper (Pimenta Dioica)


  • The plants’ height with the pot is 2 feet and the pot size is 6-inch diameter.
  • Useful for edible Plants, herbs & medicinal purposes.
  • It loves full Sunlight areas.
  • You can grow it in medium to large size pots and also directly in the soil.


Allspice Plant, Jamaica Pepper (Pimenta Dioica)

Origin of Allspice Plant:- Allspice, also known as Jamaica peppermyrtle pepperpimenta, or pimento, is the dried unripe berry of Pimenta dioica, a mid-canopy tree native to the Greater Antilles, southern Mexico, and Central America, now cultivated in many warm parts of the world. The name “allspice” was coined as early as 1621 by the English, who valued it as a spice that combined the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.

The Allspice plant, fascinatingly, derives its name from the English, who thought it combined the flavour of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and cloves. Interestingly, the plant is found in the western ghats in places that were once under the Dutch or the  Portuguese. The good soil characteristics in these parts cause the plant to grow well. Native to the West Indies, Allspice makes an excellent container plant.

Characteristics of Allspice plant:-

The tall, slender tree has a whitish-grey trunk and deep green flavorful leaves. Small white flowers appear in spring, and once the plant is mature, dark purple berries set fruit in summer. Dried allspice berries have the fragrance of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg rolled into one. In the fresh leaves, the clove flavour is reduced and the cinnamon and nutmeg flavours become dominant. Use the fresh leaves for a spicy flavour when cooking roasts or stews. They may also be added to potpourris or boiled in water to impart a spicy scent to the home. Special Note: Allspice plants are dioecious meaning there are distinct male and female plants. To produce allspice berries, it’s best to grow two or three plants.

  • Allspice leaves are medium to large in size and elongated to oval in shape. The surface of the leaves is smooth and glossy with a dark green to dusty green colouring with brown speckling.
  • Allspice leaves are a blend of flavours including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, juniper, and peppercorn. Allspice leaves are found on a tropical evergreen tree that can grow to thirteen meters in height. In addition to the leaves, the tree produces small green-brown berries that are dried and used as a popular spice.
Care for Allspice Plant
  • Provide full Sunlight areas for the plant.
  • You can grow it in medium to large size pots and also directly in the soil.
  • Add any organic or homemade compost once in 3 months.
  • Provide organic mulching near the root zone of the plant.
  • Prune the diseased and unwanted plant parts of the plant.
  • Never prune the plants during monsoon and wet climates.
  • Always maintain moisture and make sure that the pot has a drainage hole.
  • Spray neem oil if found any infections or diseases as primary protection.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 37 cm
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