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Variegated Casuarina Plant

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  • Live plant along with the plastic pot.
  • Plants height with pot is 1-2 feet and pot size is 6 inches diameter.
  • Plants nature is outdoor, loves full sun.
  • Casuarina Plants require less watering.
  • Best foliage plants & beautiful color texture on leaves.

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Variegated Casuarina Plant

The Casuarina plant is a very attractive and evergreen tree originally from Southeast Asia and northern Australia. They grow very fast and have excellent commercial values. because it is highly versatile and can adapt to any environment. It improves soil conditions and can prevent soil erosion.

Common names: Australian pine tree, Whistling pine tree, or Agoho pine. This species is native to Southeast Asia and northern Australia. They are large, fast-growing monoecious evergreen trees that reach 30 meters in height. They produce male flowers on spikes and female flowers with short peduncles. The fruits are woody and oval. They are used as isolated specimens, to fix nitrogen in the soil, fix sandy areas, and create barriers by the sea. They are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens. Casuarina needs full sun exposure and warm temperatures. Resists occasional and light frosts.

How to grow Casuarina Plant?

Lights: Casuarina plant loves to grow in bright light. Try to plant this in full sun to part sun position, and it will work much much better outside than inside.

Watering: When we grow them on the farm, we are literally giving them water once a day. once the plant is established in your garden, as it can tolerate drought, you can give them water less than before, but until the plant is established, we suggest giving them water every day with enough amount.

Fertilizers: will have the maximum effect if applied during the peak growing period of 12 to 24 months. Farmers generally apply 50 kg of urea and 50 to 100 kg of DAP per acre one year after planting. Casuarina does not need a large quantity of nitrogen fertilizer since it produces its own nitrogen with the help of the bacterium, Frankia.

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Additional information

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