Plumeria Pudica, Nag Champa – Plant


  •  Mature Plants height with pot is 18-24 inches, with 6″ inches pot.
  •  Flowers color white with yellow throat.
  •  Plants nature is outdoor, loves full sun & less watering.
  •  Annual Flowering & hardy plant
  • Outstanding ornamental features and could be planted more


Plumeria Pudica, Nag Champa – Plant

Plumeria Pudica (Nag Champa) is a plant species of the genus that is characterized by astonishing fragrant flowers, it is categorized under the family Apocynaceae and native to warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of Mexico, Polynesia, and Central America. It is commonly known as nosegay or frangipani and has around 300 species, most of its vivid varieties are found in Southeast Asia.

Small tree, leaves in distinct fiddle shape with 2 lobes in the middle. Flowers white with yellow throat, bloom in bunches like a bouquet thus the common name ‘Bridal Bouquet’. Blooming occurs all year round and the blooming period is usually long. Prone to attack by mealy bugs and frangipani caterpillars and affected by rust fungus that speeds up leaf loss. When injured, the plant secretes white milky sap that is slightly poisonous.

Medicianal uses of Plumeria Pudica

Not only, Plumeria blossoms make a fragrant attractive addition to the home or garden, they have various medicinal uses, its root bark is used in the treatment of blennorrhagia, herpes and syphilis, latex from the stem is used for treating ulcers, dartre (skin diseases) and flowers are used in a complex pectoral syrup for treating chest coughs and grippe. In the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, the oil of the plumeria is considered a warming oil and is thought to be effective in treating fear, anxiety, insomnia and tremors.

Plumeria is known for its exotic fragrance & its ornamentation applications, it is well suited to potting culture and from one of the the most found landscape plants. It is commonly used to worship and symbolize dedication and devotion.


  • Plant Division                  : Angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants)
  • Plant Growth Form          :Tree, Shrub
  • Lifespan (in Singapore)   :Perennial
  • Mode of Nutrition             :Autotrophic
  • Maximum Height             :4 m
  • Propagation Method        :Seed, Stem Cutting, Grafting

Planting & Care

  • Light: Plumerias prefer bright sunlight
  • Watering: Water your plumeria regularly so the soil never dries out completely.
  • Humidity: Moderate humidity for optimum growth.
  • Exposure: Require at least 6 to 7 hours of direct sun every day.
  • Maintenance: Easy to care
  • Soil: They grow well in light soils having good drainage.
  • Fertilizing: In growing season, feed with phosphate fertilizer every two or three weeks to promote new growth.

    Desirable Plant Features Fragrant (Flowers) (Day), Ornamental Flowers
    Plant & Rootzone Preference – Tolerance Well-Drained Soils, Dry Soils / Drought
    Landscape Uses Container Planting

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 11 cm



6 inch, 8 Inches


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