Gulmohar (Delonix Regia)


  • Live Plant with plastic pot
  • Plant height 8-12 inches, in 4 inch grow pot.
  • Plant height 12-18 inches, in 6 inch pot.
  • Plant height 20-28 inches, in 8 inch pot.
  • Plant height 28-42 inches, in 12 inch pot..
  • Plant height 58-68 inches, in XXl-12 inch pot..
  • Plant nature is outdoor, and loves full sun.
  • Water once or twice a week depending on soil moisture.
  • Assured safe delivery and fresh delivery.


Gulmohar (Delonix regia)

Gulmohar (Delonix regia) is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae. Explore the enchanting world of the Gulmohar plant, scientifically known as Delonix regia, an ornamental wonder that paints landscapes with bright hues. This tropical tree, native to Madagascar, displays nature’s artistic beauty through its brilliant flowers.

Gulmohar tree is regarded as one of the most beautiful tropical trees in the world. The tree grows to a height of about 20-25 feet usually but can and does many times reach a height of 50 feet.

The Gulmohar plant, which originated on the island of Madagascar, thrives in tropical and subtropical climates. The botanical name “Delonix” is derived from the Greek word for “serrated,” a reference to the serrated margins of its fern-like leaves.

Gulmohar’s genuine brightness shines through in the immense expanse of the big outdoors. As a deciduous tree, it has the amazing capacity to transform gardens, parks, and avenues into stunning tapestry of wild, bright color. This tree is distinguished by its umbrella-like canopy, which not only adds visual appeal but also provides welcome shade during the summer’s blazing heat.

The Gulmohar plant is notable for its beautiful blossoms, which resemble a waterfall of bright red, orange, and yellow hues. The “Flamboyant Tree” displays its show-stopping flower magnificence in a dramatic fashion, making it a favorite among landscape designers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Care of Gulmohar Plant:-


  • Prefers full sunlight for optimal growth and flowering.
  • Ensure it receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily.


  • Thrives in well-draining soil that’s slightly acidic to neutral (pH 6.0-7.0).
  • Adding organic matter can improve soil quality.


  • Water regularly during the growing season (spring to fall).
  • Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Reduce watering in winter when the plant is dormant.


  • Feed with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Avoid excessive nitrogen, which can encourage more foliage than flowers.


  • Prune to shape the tree and remove dead or diseased branches.
  • Regular pruning can help maintain a healthy canopy and shape.

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