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Dracaena Kedarnath Plant


  • Live bushy plant along with 8 inches Plastic pot.
  • Plants’ height is 24-36 inches with a pot size 8 inches in diameter.
  • Plants’ nature is indoor/semi-shaded, with less watering.
  • Recommended by air purifying study.
  • Best foliage plants and gift plants.


Dracaena Kedarnath Plant

Dracaena Kedarnath is one of the amazing family members of the dracaena family. Moreover, these plants have an upright growth in shrub form with an unbranched trunk that looks absolutely alluring and attention-seeking. The wide colourful leaves give you a positive and powerful vibe. Sometimes they grow in clumps by suckering from the enlarged tuber-like rhizomes. The plant has cultural importance in areas New Zealand and Pacific islands. However, in recent years the plant has developed popularity in the South Asian countries and hence it’s good to promote them more.  Apparently, these plants will give you a sense of exoticness wherever placed and if cared for well. Also, the best place to pot them can be a window shelf or a sofa table, they thrive in low light conditions as well. They are ideal house plants, above all.

Dracaena Kedarnath plant as part of your houseplant collection; in fact, you may have several of the easy-care houseplant dracaena. If so, you have probably learned that dracaena plant care is fairly simple. Colourful strap-like foliage appears on many dracaena houseplant varieties. Many cultivars are large, tree-like plants while others are smaller. The houseplant dracaena exhibits an upright form.

Care for Dracaena Kedarnath

Light – Set it by a bright & sunny window for consistent light.

Water – Watering should be done only when the soil feels dry.

Soil – Dracaena Kedarnath prefers well-drained, rich in organic matter soil.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 37 cm
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