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Butterfly Ginger Lily “Hedychium coronarium” – Plants

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  • The Plant will be coming in well stable potted condition.
  • Plant height with pot is 12-18 inches in 6-inch pot.
  • Striking appearance with unique leaf patterns.
  • Highly fragrant butterfly shape flowers.
  • Stunning and easy-to-care-for plant
  • Assured safe delivery with easy replacement.

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Butterfly Ginger Lily “Hedychium coronarium” – Plants

Hedychium coronarium, commonly known as white ginger lily, is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. This plant belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is prized for its striking appearance and fragrant flowers.

The long, slender stems of the Hedychium coronarium plant can reach heights of 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters). Its rich green lance-shaped leaves create a lovely backdrop for its spectacular blossoms.

This plant is particularly renowned for its enormous, white, and fragrant flowers that resemble the shape of a butterfly. Additionally, these blossoms grow on long spikes and have a sweet, spicy aroma that is popular in perfumes and floral arrangements.


Care of Butterfly Ginger Lily plant:-

  1. Sunlight:
    • Provide a location that receives partial to full sunlight. Ensure it’s protected from strong winds and extreme temperatures.
  2. Soil:
    • Use well-draining soil rich in organic matter. To maintain consistent moisture levels, keeping the soil slightly damp but not waterlogged.
  3. Planting:
    • Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball of the plant.
    • Place the plant in the hole with the crown just above the soil surface.
  4. Watering:
    • Water thoroughly after planting to help the plant establish.
    • Water regularly during the growing season to keep the soil consistently moist.
  5. Fertilizing:
    • Feed with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season.
    • Reduce fertilization during the dormant winter months.
  6. Pruning:
    • Prune dead or damaged foliage and spent flowers regularly to encourage new growth.
    • Trim back the stems in late winter or early spring to maintain a neat appearance.
  7. Pest and Disease Control:
    • Inspect the plant for signs of pests such as aphids or mealybugs.
    • If necessary, treat any infestations promptly with appropriate remedies.
  8. Winter Care:
    • Provide protection during colder months by covering the plant with mulch or moving it indoors in frost-prone areas.
    • Resume regular care as temperatures rise.
  9. Harvesting Flowers:
    • Cut and enjoy the fragrant flowers for indoor arrangements or for essential oil extraction.

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Additional information

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