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Small Colorful Stones


  • 1 Kg mix colour pebbles in small asymetric size.
  • For the decorative purpose.
  • The Stones are available in many colors (Red, Ocean, Green, Yellow, Orange, Sky Blue, and Violet). You can easily find a variety matching your preferences.
  • Stones can be used in varied places as glass or vase filler, outdoor Decor, garden decorations, Pot decorations etc.
  • (1 Kg Offer is Limited)
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Simple gardens may be indoor or outdoor can be transformed into beautiful ones with these wonderful pebbles. These decorative pebbles are perfect if you wish to show your creativity and develop an attractive garden. These pebbles can be used to decorate garden corners, Garden pathways, Garden borders, Miniature Gardens, Terrariums or just arrange them around the planters; they will anyway look stunning and impart structured look you are looking for.

Using decorative pebbles has become a common trend and people love sprucing up their homes with them. You can easily spot these in gardens and indoor areas, where they are used extensively owing to their natural yet refined appearance. Whether it is a home or office, it is the appealing appearance and versatility of pebbles that make them ideal for complimenting each and every décor style.

The amazing variety of polished pebbles we stock are great for adding a sophisticated and elegant look to your décor, whether you are looking for options to redecorate a home or an office space. At Coverall Stone, we strive to provide the most amazing range of pebbles, catering to the needs and preferences of a diverse range of clientele.

The stones are available in many colors. You can easily find a variety matching your preferences.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 11 cm

Green, Ocean, Orange, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, Yellow

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