Caladium Strawberry Star


  • Plant with 4 inch pot.

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Caladium Strawberry Star

Caladium Strawberry Star is a very decorative plant and a real must for all plant lovers! Strawberry Star has white almost transparent foliage with strawberry coloured speckles. Its an absolutely stunning cultivar!

Caladium Strawberry Star is a compact bunching plant and is suitable for any bright room. There are many varieties within the Caladium family, all very attractive. We currently stock nine species which together create a magical interior arrangement of colour and shape.

Caladium Strawberry Star must be kept well watered with moist soil at all times. They prefer a bright space with no direct sunlight. In winter Caladium might go dormant and slowly die back to tubers. The tutor should be stored in a dark, dry space over winter and watered at the beginning of spring for the next seasons show. In highly ideal environments Caladium can be kept active year long.


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