Aloe Vera “Aloe barbadensis miller”- Plant


  • Live plant along with the plastic pot
  • Plant height will be 8-10 inches in 4 inches pot.
  • Plant height will be 18-24 inches in 6 inches pot.
  • Plant height will be 18-24 inches Mature in 12 inches pot.
  • Plant height will be 18-24 inches Multiple Stems in 14 inches pot.
  • Plants nature is outdoor-semi shade, alternate day watering
  • Useful for edible Plants, herbs & medicinal plants
  • Rare herb plants & medicinal plant
  • Assured Safe Delivery With Easy Replacement.
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Aloe Vera “Barbadensis miller”- Plant

The Aloe Vera plant has a particular place in the world of greenery because of its outstanding healing properties. This succulent miracle, which originated in the dry regions of North Africa, has found its way into homes and gardens all around the world. Because of its adaptability, it can grow both indoors and outdoors, making it an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts of all levels.

Aloe Vera adorns interiors with its sculptural, fleshy leaves that contain a gel rich in vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. Because of these properties, it is a popular cure for relieving skin irritations and boosting overall well-being. Outdoors, it thrives in sunlight and well-draining soil and requires little care.

Aloe Vera’s distinctive feature is its gel, which provides a natural treatment for sunburns, cuts, and even skincare routines. The Aloe Vera plant is a multipurpose, therapeutic friend that connects us to the wonders of the natural world, whether boosting your indoor aesthetics or tending to outdoor vegetation.

Caring Tips:-

  1. Sunlight: Place your Aloe Vera plant in direct, bright sunshine. It can withstand some direct sunlight, but too much can cause sunburn.
  2. Watering: Between waterings, let the soil totally dry out. Root rot can result from overwatering. Use water sparingly—about every three weeks during the summer and considerably less during the winter.
  3. Well-Draining Soil: Use a cactus or succulent soil blend that drains effectively. This discourages soggy roots and encourages robust development.
  4. Fertilization: During the growing season (spring and summer), feed your plant with a diluted, balanced fertilizer every four to six weeks.
  5. Pruning: Near the plant’s base, remove any leaves that are dead or damaged. It promotes new growth.

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