This Independence Day: Plant a Tree


 It is 15th August, 74 years of India’s independence from the Britishers. The whole nation is celebrating India’s freedom and the sacrifices that our freedom fighters made to give us this day. But, with all this celebration, each one of us must ask ourselves that are we truly independent? We need to ask that though we are free from the British rule, but are we not still struggling with certain issues that dominate our lives?

Environmental Problems


Today, we are struggling with pollution, space, biodiversity loss, land degradation, deforestation, etc. All these environmental issues have surrounded our country and are having the worst effects on the lives of people in the forms of various diseases and disasters. Animals are losing their homes and ultimately it is leading to their extinction. Due to the high growth of urbanization, people are expanding their habitats by cutting down trees and forests. People living in cities are more prone towards getting sick and living with long-term diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, cardiovascular disorders, etc. Apart from physical health, the absence of trees and fresh air also causes various psychological disorders as well. It leads to increased stress and anxiety, diminishes interpersonal relationships due to an effect on the emotional states of the individual. It also creates feelings of helplessness and hopelessness in a person, and so on.

Importance of Trees


Plants and trees help in producing oxygen, storing carbon and giving life to wildlife. Trees trap dust and absorb harmful pollutants and provide us with fresh air to breathe in. On an average, one tree produces over 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Imagine, planting a dozen trees! It will definitely help in restoring our environment and maintain a proper balance of the ecosystem. Trees also help in reducing stress and anxiety; it makes an individual more calm and relaxed and also creates a positive aura around the person.


Therefore, it has become essential to plant more and more trees and plants in our environment so that we can cope with these issues and get free from all the physical and mental health hazards that are ruining our lives. Today, environment is the biggest issue that we are facing and instead of getting free from it, we are getting consumed by it. Planting trees in our small little ways in our homes and gardens will definitely have an impact on the environment and will thus, lead towards India’s liberation from environmental issues.

So, this independence day, do something for your country. Get involved in making India a country full of greenery and free of all diseases caused by environmental pollution. Take action, plant a tree!

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