A guide for Terrace Gardening by Nursery Nisarga in Bhopal

Terrace Gardening by Nursery Nisarga

As the name suggests, this type of gardening is done on the terrace. With our homes and cities expanding, there is not much space for growing plants and trees in wide-open grounds and so to add some greenery and fresh air to your lives, you can go for terrace gardening. It is best for people living in apartments and complexes as they do not have any access to open spaces or a backyard. ll


The first step in every type of gardening is to determine the space that you would use to grow the plants. So first, you must determine which space you would use to do gardening. Do you want to use a specific corner, a complete row on one side, the middle of the terrace or use the complete terrace for gardening? It is essential to choose a particular space as only then can you determine the layout and the look that you wish to give your garden. You must also consider the amount of sunlight the area would be exposed to.


The next step is to determine the layout that you want to give your garden. If you wish to use the terrace wall, then you can plant trees and plants using the vertical space. I have mentioned how to use vertical space in the previous blog. You can use raised beds adjacent to the terrace to plant trees. You can create raised beds with metal, woods or bricks. You can also use an old car or truck tires as raised beds.  This adds a unique look to your terrace garden. If you are using the complete terrace, then you can create a seating area in the middle and surround the area by planting a variety of trees and plants and give it an enchanting look.

Types of Containers

You can use a variety of containers in your terrace garden to give it a unique look. You can use planters, plastic bottles, wooden crates, earthen pots and cement pots. If you are using your wall to grow plants, then you may use hanging pots. Apart from these, you can use various recycled containers such as bamboo baskets, paint boxes, coconut shells, etc. Whatever container you use, make sure to put small drainage holes in them so that no extra water remains in it.

Plant Variety

To give an exotic look to your garden, you can plant a variety of trees and plants. You can plant shrubs, vines, dwarf plants, tall trees, vegetables, herbs, flowering plants, etc. If you wish to have a vegetable garden, then you can plant a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, turnips, carrots, chilli, spinach, etc. For herbs, you can grow cilantro, mint, lavender, etc. Also, add colour to your garden by planting a variety of colourful plants and trees.

Garden Shades and Cover

Some plants cannot take excessive sunlight and even excessive rain as it can damage the plants and trees. To protect your plants and trees from scorching heat and excessive rain, you can use garden shades or covers. You can install shades that are light weighted and have UV protection. If your budget is a little low, then you can use mosquito nets as a cover or you can plant bamboos so that the sunlight does not hit the plants that require protection.

Garden Decoratives

You can turn your terrace garden into an enchanting place by using some decoratives in it. Place some furniture in your garden where you can sit and enjoy your morning and evening tea. You can put some antic statues in your garden. For the terrace floor, you can use artificial green carpet or rug that would look like a real lawn. Use lighting to light up your garden when it gets dark. It is essential so that you may roam or sit in your garden even at night. Also, lights highlight your plants and decoratives that you may use in your garden.

If you have a high budget, then you may put a fountain in between the terrace. If you love to throw parties, then you may put a fire pit in one corner of the terrace garden. You may also put swings, benches, gazebos, and pergolas.

Garden Maintenance

You must attend to your garden once in a while. To maintain your garden, engage in regularly pruning the plants and trees, check for any drainage problems in the containers, regularly change the soil by adding more nutrients to it. In case your plants get affected by pests or bugs, then use pesticides, etc. To protect your plants from birds or squirrels, you can put nylon wires on them. Thus, it is not very difficult to maintain your garden if you regularly attend to it.


So, if you are living in a city where space and fresh air is a problem, you may always go for terrace gardening. Terrace gardening makes you feel relaxed and provide you with fresh air to breathe in. Apart from that, it makes your home much cooler and also reduces heat absorption by buildings. And, with your own vegetable and herb garden, you can always get fresh veggies to cook and eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is easy, refreshing and it definitely makes your terrace look beautiful. So, what are you waiting for? Start your own terrace garden with this guide and enjoy a healthy and soothing environment in your own home.




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